Scaled Scrum

How do you plan, launch, scale, and manage large product and software development initiatives using Scrum?

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Scaled Scrum

Management 3.0

Agile needs Managers too! Agile has ignored the role of the manager. Not any more. Come and learn what modern agile leadership means. Learn how to manage and motivate self-organizing teams.

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Agile Leadership

Professional Scrum Developer

Software development using Scrum requires the integration of analysis, design, development, testing, integration and deployment within a single iteration. Learn how it's done.

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Certified Professional Scrum Developer

Professional Scrum Master

This course provides information and tools that you can use to ensure that Scrum is understood and enacted well by your team.

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Certified Professional Scrum Master

Professional Product Owner

This course teaches people how to maximize the delivery of value through software products and systems. Agile Product Ownership today is about more than User Stories.

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Certifed Professional Scrum Product Owner

Kanban Practitioner

Lean-Kanban University assures the highest quality training worldwide. LKU Certified Training follows the Kanban Method developed by David J. Anderson.

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Lean Kanban University

Professional Scrum Foundations

The perfect introduction to Scrum for anyone new to the framework.

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Lean Kanban University

Visual Studio MVP

As a Microsoft 'Most Valuable Professional' we are amongst the world's best. We offer training and consultancy in Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio.

Most Valuable Professional
Certified Training

We offer certified Scrum and Kanban training in NZ, Aus, India and throughout South East Asia.

Coaching & Consulting

Do you need help keeping your teams firing on all cylinders?

Technical Training

Does your team need help with TDD, Automated Testing or BDD? We offer technical training using C# or Java. Get in touch for more details.

I particularly enjoyed Rob sharing from his depth of experience. I gained a number of insights during the course.

Cannot fault the course, Rob was a great presenter.